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KEEPFRESH maintains the quality of fresh vegetables for longer

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the basis of healthy nutrition as they contain the vitamins and nutrients essential for good health.

Today we can find a wide range of vegetables on the market: seasonal and non-seasonal, local and from faraway places.

It is, however, often difficult to find vegetables with flavour. This occurs due to the distance between the place of origin and the end consumer.

To keep vegetables in good conditions for their consumption synthetic chemicals are used in POSTHARVEST production and handling. These techniques cause the loss of the organoleptic qualities of vegetables as they have to be harvested before their optimum ripening point.

Our company has developed a product range to preserve the quality of fresh vegetables in a natural way KEEPFRESH volatile substance absorbers in Sheet, Filter and Bag-Filter formats designed for the POSTHARVEST.

Hoja KEEPFRESH para el hogar

12 units (2 per a bag) and anti-humidity protector. 18,00€

Price includes tax and delivery fees for Spain (Peninsula and Balearic islands).
For another quantity/destination, please, send an enquiry.