We are manufacturers of products designed to maintain the quality of fresh vegetables for longer naturally.

The manufacturing process is completely internal. Our products – SHEET, FILTER AND BAG-FILTER – are manufactured under strict quality controls. We also manufacture our Volatile Substance Absorber, the active component of these products, unique on the market given its physical and chemical qualities, specific granulometry for each use, high absorption capacity of all ethylene.

We offer solutions in POSTHARVEST tailored to the needs of our customers: we adapt our products in absorption form and capacity.

The KEEPFRESH Sheet is authorised by the Certification Service of the Andalusian Ecological Agriculture Committee (CAAE) as a material in contact with food from ecological agriculture.

BLUE TECK SYSTEMS, as a registered company, guarantees that your products and processes are totally controlled and subjected to rigorous quality controls, and meet in International Standard ISO 9001.

All our products are the result of the work of research, development and implementation team.



BLUE TECK SYSTEMS, S.L. as owner of the Spanish and European Community brand KEEPFRESH, manufacturer of products under this brand and owner of the manufacturing patient of the Ethylene Absorbing Sheet WARNS AND AFFIRMS that it is not liable for other similar products that appear on the market as it is unaware of their technical characteristics and does not know if they have the properties of the real KEEPFRESH, since they might not be manufactured with the same quality control on the product.