Postharvest technology is designed to develop methods that reduce, as far as possible, deterioration of products during the period between harvesting and the end consumer.

After harvesting, vegetables to be living and the metabolic processes continue be developed and the physiological systems that operated while they were joined to plant they come from; they breath taking oxygen and give off carbon dioxide and heat. They also transpire, losing water. Outside the parent plant, vegetables depend on their own food reserves and on their own water content. In conclusion, after harvesting, fruit and vegetable products become perishable products.

Another of the most important factors in the postharvest is organoleptic ripening, natural and irreversible process. The speed of organoleptic ripening depends among many other parameters on the amount of ethylene that they emit and on the degree of sensitivity of fruit and vegetable products to it.

We offer a range of products that eliminate ethylene designed to be used in each box with vegetables, lorries and in cold stores.