The KEEPFRESH Environmental Control System is designed to eliminate solid and gaseous volatile substances, as well as microorganisms in closed spaces.  It consists of Machines and Bag-Filters. The Machines are manufactured in stainless steel and serve as support for the Bag-Filters. The Bag-Filters are manufactured in special liquid-repellent and highly breathable fabric.  The KEEPFRESH volatile substance absorber  is packaged inside the Bag-Filter.

Each machine is equipped with germicides, favouring the hygienization of the air.

The Environmental Control Systems  is applied in fruit, vegetables and cut-flower refrigeration chambers.




  • It eliminates ethylene, the ripening hormone of vegetables emitted by them in the Postharvest and that builds up in cold storage rooms.
  • It cleans the atmosphere of solid and gaseous volatile substances.
  • Eliminates bad smells.

We develop custom-built equipment according to the needs of the customer.