The KEEPFRESH filter is applied in the recirculation of the cold equipment in transport or in cold rooms to create a naturally modified atmosphere. This type of filters allows a high breathability thanks to its special granulometry and to its medium. It absorbs ethylene, the hormone responsible for vegetable ripening; it creates an ideal level of CO2 and H2O for slowing down breathing.


  • Keep fruit and vegetables and flowers in the Postharvest stage.
  • Delay ripening of the vegetables.
  • Reduce losses of weight and of the different compounds used (sugars, vitamins, etc.) derived from storage and/or transport.
  • Maintain the organoleptic qualities of the vegetables.

collage Filtro


The KEEPFRESH Filter is marketed together with the fastening elements required for holding it.


Ethylene absorber filter with anti-humidity protector.

Filtro antihumedad

filtro antihumedad