The KEEPFRESH sheet for household use has been developed after the experience we have acquired in the horticulture industry by applying our product in mixed cargo shipments.

This technology solves the problem that exists in the homes in the conservation of the vegetables.

Refrigerators function is to cool but do not to remove ethylene, the maturation hormone that vegetables emit.

Some vegetables emit more ethylene than others and this makes them incompatible with each other.

The KEEPFRESH Sheet allows the mixing of vegetables, extending the useful life up to 90% more.

Its use is simple: it is placed in the bottom of the refrigerator drawer along with the anti-humidity protector and the vegetables on top.

We can also use it at room temperature placing them in the bottom of a bowl and the fruits on the top or in the drawer of the potatoes or garlic and onion helping to avoid rooting.


The KEEPFRESH sheet is sold in a pack of 6 bags containing 12 sheets and 12 anti-humidity pads. Its duration is 30 days once the bag with sheets is opened.

Pack de hojas Keepfresh

Comparison of the tests carried out in the domestic refrigerator for 12 days.

Comparativa de las pruebas realizadas en el frigorífico doméstico durante 12 días.

The same kind and quantity of vegetables are placed in the drawer. A KEEPFRESH Sheet is placed in the right drawer.

Comparativa de las pruebas realizadas en el frigorífico doméstico durante 12 días.

Ethylene not only makes vegetables mature. It also contributes to the creation of molds and fungi. The photograph shows the effect of ethylene after 12 days in the same refrigerator.
The picture on the left, the drawer without KEEPFRESH. The photo on the right, with KEEPFRESH.


The KEEPFRESH Sheet was one of five finalists products selected from nearly 100 applicants as part of Project American Dreams initiative on March 2017.

American Dream

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